» Singapore #8: Bangkok & the Philippines
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Singapore #8: Bangkok & the Philippines


Hello, Namaste, Selamat siang, Sawadee kha, Suasdey, Magandang hapon!

My journey came to an end and I am back in cold, snowy, uncomfy Germany. I am looking outta my window and what do I see? Or to be more accurate, what DON’T I see? …. Palm Trees! Well, gotta get used to that again I guess, haha.

Soooo, I try to report on my last weeks in Singapura, and my trips to Bangkok and the Philippines.
My last entry didn’t include New Year’s. Actually I went to Orchard Rd. and to some clubs with a couple of friends. Before we had some nice Turkish dinner, that’s it! Since I stopped working in mid-December I had to find another accommodation to stay. Basically it wasn’t just one, but like five different hostels in total. I stayed in each only for a couple of days, then traveled or just couldn’t stay there anymore due to no available vacant rooms. All the hostels were nice and the people were nice…. 🙂

On Friday, the 4th January, I went to Bangkok with a friend of mine and we stayed in a hotel. BKK seriously is waaay bigger than S’pore. Even with the fast airport transfer train it took approx. 30 minutes to get to the center (from the airport). By the way, the trip BKK started with a funny story. We were sitting in the aircraft and after 20 min the pilot announced that something is wrong with the plane. After further ten minutes we were pushed back and then the ridiculous part took place: We were told that the airport team forgot to refuel the plane!! Haha, finally we arrived in Thailand two hours late. Afterwards we explored it a bit, took the BTS to some huge outdoor markets, saw temples and did a rivertour. When we took the Tuk Tuk’s I noticed one thing: Almost nobody is honking! This is amazing, since there are loads of situations where I would consider that as necessary! Actually, Bangkok is a great place for shopping, especially when you’re a girl. There are malls, crammed with stalls selling dresses, boots, accessories and whatever can be sold :P. In contrary you can encounter the Thai culture. The golden temple is kinda spectacular!

After I returned to Singapore again I stayed in another hostel until traveling to my last destination: El Nido on the island Palawan of the Philippines. The total duration from Singapore to El Nido was sooo arduous and it took me about 16 hours! 3.5 hours to Manila first. I wasn’t able to see the city, but just the airport is crowded. And I had some six hours of transit time, yey! Then I took the flight to Puerto Princesa, a tiny city on Palawan. Even now I traveled many hours, buuuuut I still had to take a little bus – another six hours – to El Nido. So when I arrived in El Nido at 7 PM, I was totally wiped out haha. Thus I only went to bed. On the next day I met some Germans and my first island hopping tour to other small island with pristine water began. We ventured into small lagoons and not all of them were easily accessible. Yet, it was awesome! In the evening we took a tuk tuk for 15 pesos (50 at night) to town to explore it. Yeah….no big deal at all, since it was very small. A mentionable fact is the poor availability of electricity. That means, resorts and stores don’t have electricity 24/7, but only about 15 hours a day. Blackouts are also quite common. Only on the first night we had three of them. Fortunately they only lasted for some minutes, so no big issue. So we sat on the porch and drank Tanduay, a Philippine rum, and it’s incredibly cheap! Oh gosh, two dollars for a normal sized bottle! Well in Singapore you would need 40 times as much haha!

The following day, right before dinner, I’ve seen my first “wild” animal in the Philippines: a rather large scorpion. I was quite surprised and the owner told us that they are partially highly venomous. Yey! 😛 The evening, night and the morning were actually…well…quite annoying. Obviously I ate something wrong or because of the sun I had a bad sleep and was forced to “visit” the loo. In the morning I still was feeling not so well and just as I slipped into my shoes I noticed a big ass bug in my shoe. I almost squeezed the poor guy haha. On the last but one day two Americans, two Germans and me did another island tour. This time we were able to see really nice, remote lagoons where there is NOTHING. Water, sharp rocks, nice beaches… like in the movies! And I found this huge shell, so I was keen to take it with me. Unfortunately I could take it to Puerto Princesa, but the warning notice at the airport, that taking away shells will result in one million pesos fine, convinced me to put it away L. One lagoon was hardly accessible, so we had to swim through a hole in a rock. The bad thing were toooons of jellyfish which you touched – seriously, you could not avoid them and each of them felt a bit like a tiny sting, but hey, no guts no glory 😀

Basically, that’s it! Back in S’pore I explored some more areas with a friend of mine. On Tuesday, the 22nd January, at 11.55 PM, I took the airplane to Frankfurt, Germany.I had a pretty amazing time over there and if everything goes according to my “schedule”, I will be leaving for Singapore and Australia in September this year again!

Here are some more pictures and later on I’m going to post process some of them and upload them.

So long!

— Thorsten…out!


Bangkok Hotel, looks like a MRT station 😀

Our stop and rivertour

Famous temple

… and the Philippines

Sundown and nice beach 🙂


El Nido town