» Singapore #7: Zookout, Cambodia and… CHRISTMAS!
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Singapore #7: Zookout, Cambodia and… CHRISTMAS!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Roooooooooooock!….. So far for a great introduction. Merry Christmas yo folks!

Maybe you are asking me: „Why innahell you post english, lah?!“. Easy answer: Some Singaporeans asked me to do so, thus this time in english. It’s christmas time and after some while I am posting again. Main events in the last few weeks were the Zoukout festival, journey to Cambodia with my dad and some other things I’m gonna talk about.

So let’s start with the Zookout thing. The Zookout festival is one of the most amazing outdoor festival in Asia. I read that this year 40K people came to Sentosa to celebrate and yep, it was one biiiig ass party. Famous DJ’s like Paul van Dyk, Calvin Harris , Knife Party and Paul Kalkbrenner were playing and people cut a rug. Unfortunately I missed Paul Kalkbrenner, because I was at van Dyk’s stage but whatever… The party went on until approximately 7 AM and after that the bed was calling for me. The day after (or to be more accurate, the same day ^^) I slept until 5.30 PM, yay!

The following week was my last internship week and in the end we had a great christmas lunch all together. Just in case any of my collegues at work stumble upon my site: Thanks again for the opportunity to work as an intern!

The next major event was my father’s visit. He stayed here for some time and after showing him around Singapore (he ventured to explore S’pore on his own on Thursday) a bit more, we traveled to Cambodia – Siem Reap – on Sunday morning. Serendipitously, we had a direct flight to Siem Reap International Aiport which rather resembles a beer tent than an international airport :-p. However, it looks nice and we were able to walk on the apron (from the aircraft to the airport hall). That’s nice, since this is quite rare nowadays. We had a great hotel, the Sokha Angkor Wat, which was actually a five star hotel, but not that expensive like European or American hotels. Nevertheless the service, cleanliness and appearance were second to none! Our main goal for the trip were the famous temples, which were built a couple of centuries ago. The most known one is Angkor Wat. But there are a lot more which we visited and most of them were great. Although it may be hard to imagine, the weather was hot! I mean, not the Singaporean hotness. In Siem Reap the sun was shining perpetually and the temperatures never droped below 30 degree centigrate. So my tip for all travelers: Bring enough water haha! Apart from these huge temples we wandered around the main streets of Siem Reap that were so packed in the evenings. What you can see a lot there are loads of tuk tuk’s and massage „studios“ or people who are doing that outside for a dollar 😀 On the last day we were off to the floating villages, an area where pretty poor people are living on a river. In comparison to Singapore it’s an alien world! Children are staring at you and want to sell stuff for almost nothing, but every dollar counts! I’ll upload some pictures, so see below.

Round about one week ago, we arrived in Singapore again and did some more sightseeing. On Friday was another tiny highlight. We moved into the Hotel „Marina Bay Sands“ for one night. Basically this hotel isn’t sooo amazing, but for pool on the 57th floor. It’s a 150m long infinity pool, which allows the undisturbed view onto the skyline (photos following). Seriously, the view is magnificient. My father went back to Germany on Saturday but I enjoyed the breakfast and just stayed at the hotel and the poolsite for the whole day! 😀 Since I got a wristband which granted the access to it, i just could get in and out without actually having a room anymore – very convenient! Yesterday, on christmas eve, I met with some friends to celebrate. First, we had BBQ, then we went out to town, which was insanely packed and peeps were shooting fake snow at us, eh! We ended up hanging around Clarke Quay having some drinks.

Well, basically that’s it! Just came back from Orchard Rd., which looked so bright due to the christmas decoration that you may see it from the universe ha ha!. Will go there to take some pictures, hopefully they won’t take it down until the day after tomorrow. At this very day I have to move out my condo, and move in a hostel for a while. Nooooooooow I try to upload some more photos here and I bet I’m gonna be stressed out due to my shitty internet connection and failing uploads :-p. We will see…

So long!

— Thorsten…out!

Street in Chinatown with bars and clubs

Arab Quarter

Siem Reap, Temples and poor areas like floating village.

Marina Bay Sands

12/21/2012 – End of world, here you can see it 😛